Delhi Rape, and Rapes in Gujarat Riots

The TRP hungry media is trying all tricks to keep the alleged Delhi Rape case alive. Across India, many people fed by half baked and twisted media reports are blindly supporting the "cause" and baying for the blood of the alleged accused. They are saying this is an exceptional case. Ironically many staunch supporters of BJP and Modi are amongst the ones, who are crying for justice in this alledged Delhi Rape Case. Isn't that ironical ?  Search the internet for "Gujarat riots", and you will come across hundreds of stories about the Gujarat Riots.

If the BJP supporters want to protest, why don't they first check, what was reported by media during Gujarat Riots ? The BJP supporters are amongst the ones, who are eager to kill the alleged Delhi Rape accused in a barbaric way. Wonder what punishment they will reserve for Narendra Modi, who has never condemned the Rapes in Gujarat Riots.

Below is a sample rape case in riot affected Gujarat. The infamous issue of riping of foetus of a pregnant women.
"But what they did to my sister-in-law's sister Kausar Bano was horrific and heinous. She was 9 months pregnant. They cut open her belly, took out her foetus with a sword and threw it into a blazing fire. Then they burnt her as well."
Source: Saira Banu, Naroda Patia (recorded at the Shah-e-Alam Camp on March 27th, 2002).

"many who have suffered the most bestial forms of sexual violence – including rape, gang rape, mass rape, stripping, insertion of objects into their body, molestation"

While speaking on that issue in parliament, the NDA had not refuted the claim. In fact, George Fernandes(the great leader, entrusted with the task of defending Modi) went to the extent of saying,

“Gujarat is no reflection on Hindutva, it’s a riot. Women being raped isn’t something new.”

There was not even a denial about the incidence. Gang rapes happened during Gujarat riots. And unlike the alledged Delhi Rape case, the rapes happened in the open. Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee when he visited Gujarat, had stated that he was ashamed to see, what had happened. The result of rapes in Gujarat riots - the rise of religious extremism  in India. Video footage of the Gujrat riots was and still is being used to create terrorists in India. Many of the terrorists acts in India, are a direct result of Gujarat Riots.

Hence dear BJP supporters, be objective while protesting the alleged Delhi rape. If you want to protest, protest the alledged heinous and barbaric rapes done during Gujarat Riots. Don't forget that Narendra Modi was denied US visa, due to the riots.

Congress sympathizers, don't start dancing. History is not on your side either !

Disclaimer: I am not a supporter of any political party. Neither do I admire or hate them.