Two Young Women beat up police in Pune

Women rights advocate groups, always want discounts for women, under the shameless name of women empowerment. One of those discounts is leniency towards female criminals. Indian police and judiciary always take a lenient approach towards women offenders/criminals. One such example is women drivers who openly flout traffic rules, but are let away. Police mostly turn a blind eye to rash driving by female drivers. All under the name of equality for women.  Hence when a cop attempted to stop two young women who jumped signal, the young women were enraged, and beat up the cop. How dare he stop those young women ? That too in Maharashtra, a state known for equality for women. Maharashtra is one of the torch bearers for equality for women in India. After Delhi rape incident, young women have become more empowered. Young women have been told not to tolerate anything, and act. They have to take law in their own hands. Bravo. These young women, have truly heeded that advise. I won't be surprised, if someone honors these two young women for this brave act. Since events like this will send a strong message, not to mess with young women.
The Khadki police on Friday arrested two woman employees of a call centre in Yerawada for allegedly beating up an on-duty traffic police constable after he tried to stop them after they jumped the traffic signal in Shivajinagar.
Khadki police have identified the women as Pooja Amit Soniverma (24) and Bhavana Nikhil Dusange (28) both currently residing at Dhanori, but hailing from Agra. The duo were produced before the court on Friday afternoon which released them on bail.

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Some people might say, how is this related to equality for women. Well they haven't understood the real meaning of equality for women. Equality for women, means, women can do anything and get away with it.