Delhi Rape Protests: Fueled by Pakistan ?

The way the Delhi Rape protests are going on, it is pretty clear there are some vested interests behind all these protests. Such protests are always a result of some cartel, with some motive. Pakistan's ISI is a feared spy agency. It is ranked amongst the top spy agencies in the world. ISI has even caused damage to the United States. ISI is known for its sophisticated techniques, and has some outstanding evil people in their ranks. It is well known, how they had people from London School of Economics in their ranks. One crucial weapon in weakening a enemy is creating discontent amongst the enemy. Media is a very powerful weapon in such a psychological warfare. ISI is very good in psychological warfare, proven by the way, it has succeeded in fueling terrorism in India. Interesting to note that, for the past several months, there hasn't been any major terrorist attack in India. Seems ISI has been planning something like this. Many NGO's working for women's rights, get funding from abroad. Paid news is an open secret. And this money comes from dubious places.

The Delhi rape protests are a way to shame the Indian masses. These foreign-funded protests are carried out with the deliberate intention of inculcating a sense of guilt in Indian Men. This tactic is nothing new. The British had used the same tactic in the 18th and 19th century. The British used fraudsters like the corrupt Raja Ram Mohan Roy to further their intentions. They created canards like Sati, and all sort of false propaganda, to project Indians as uncivilized. They re-wrote false history of India. The result was the downfall of the country to the British, and which they then looted. Similar fate awaits India now, since "Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it". Men supporting the rape protests are emotional fools. They are similar to the youths who supported the British. At that time, they welcomed British. This time, seems Taliban will come to India, for protecting abla naari's, and these fools might even support them. Already United States has offered India help in tackling crime against women.

The aftermath of the alledged Delhi Rape protests are clear. Emotions are being stirred up. Everyday, media is creating new stories. People are being blinded by emotion. More draconian anti-male laws will be created. Once these laws are enacted, there will be millions of Indian men, who will be hit by false cases, and implicated. Wrongfully arrested and charged, tortured, humiliated and shunned by society and state, these men will be easy targets for recruitment by ISI. And the actions of these terrorists won't be unjust. They will have higher moral ground, then the ill-bred Delhi Rape Protestors.

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