True Story: How a famous women victim became a criminal

Below is a depiction of a very common scene in most Indian movies. A young and beautiful women (lets say Ablaa) is marrying a man who hails from a rich background. The wedding ceremony is going on, and suddenly the grooms family demands money from the bride's father. The groom's family demand money immediately, else they threaten to walk out of the wedding ceremony. The grooms family is seen humiliating ablaa's father (lets call him Mr. Bechara).  Bechara is shown begging to groom's family, not to break the wedding. Bechara is crying, but he is taunted by the groom's family. Bechara cannot bear the greedy behaviour of the groom's family. Bechara falls on the feets of the groom's family, but to no avail. Bechara sometimes manages to give money somehow. Say by selling his house at a throwaway price, etc. Most of the times, grooms family is saying, that Bechara hasn't given all the money that he had promised to give. In movies, what they show next is that the groom's family leaves the wedding. Bechara and Ablaa are left weeping. Then some young man from the crowd comes, and says, he is ready to wed Ablaa. In some scene's Ablaa stops her father, and says, she doesn't wants to marry such a greedy groom, and gives a lecture on morality to the groom's family. The audience gives a loud applause to the courage shown by the bride - Ablaa. Films like Lajja,  have depicted such scenes.

By showing such drama in movies, the Indian masses have been brainwashed into believing that young brides are a harassed species, and such brides need to raise their voice. Around 10 years back, a news was flashed on all major news channel. It said, similar story had happened, but the courageous bride called police, and got the groom's family arrested for demanding additional dowry on the wedding day.  The bride, Nisha Sharma, instantly became a national hero. She gained the status of a youth icon. Majority of  Indians who were seething in anger over alledged rising dowry cases, were happy. Nisha was invited to Oprah Winfrey Show. Nisha was hailed as the new face of Indian woman. She was (and still is) depicted as a symbol of women's empowerment. For days, news channels kept focusing on her courageous story. People were calling all sort of names to the groom and his family (Similar to the Delhi Rape incidence).
   "In Nisha's case, events unfolded as dramatically as in any Bollywood potboiler. ...... She was to drive off in a new black Maruti Esteem that cost US$10,000, bought by her father for the use of her husband's family, the rights duly transferred in their name.  But, they wanted more. The baraat (marriage procession), with the groom's mother as master of ceremonies, asked for cash ($30,000) to be hand-delivered at the reception area itself, before her son, who followed on a traditionally bedecked horse, would condescend to alight. The father of the bride demurred, and was therefore pushed, abused and finally slapped by the groom's mother.  When Nisha, in her traditional finery and mehendi (temporary henna tattoos) heard the commotion, she reached for her cell phone and called the police. The rest is history. "

So far so good for the feminists and male-haters (misandrist).  The police arrested the groom and his family. The groom and his family were publicly humilated. Taunted of being greedy. Nisha's story made it into school textbooks. The husband (Mr. Munish Dalal) was depicted as a villian. School children were (and still being) taught how Nisha was harassed by a greedy person called Munish Dalal.

However, now comes the twist. In 2012 after almost nine years, the court pronounced its verdict on the trial. The court aquitted Munish Dalal, and his family. In fact, the court made the below observation,
"The court ruled that Nisha was close to Navneet Rai and had wished to marry him instead of Munish. Nisha’s family had also approached Navneet for the marriage but when the proposal did not work, her marriage was fixed with Munish. Nisha who was not happy with her marriage then levelled false allegations of dowry demand.

This was not a surprise to many Men's Rights Activists(MRA's) since more then 98% of dowry cases are false. And Indian laws never punish young wives, who openly make false charges against anyone in public, police station and courts. Hence the court even though it acknowledged that the charges were false didn't took any action against the Empowered Women.

Now reality bites. Nisha Sharma herself is a dowry accused. Her brother's in-laws have filed a case of dowry against Nisha and her brother, Dnyaneshwar Sharma. Manisha, wife of Nisha's brother  has allegded that she was harassed for dowry. The marriage happened three years ago, and the couple has a kid, They had been forcing Manisha, to give divorce, or bring money. Manisha has alledged that her in-laws have been beating her for not bringing Rupees twelve lacs. A case has been registered against  Dnyaneshwar Sharma, D.D. Sharma(Nisha's father), Hemlata Sharma(Nisha's mother) and Nisha Sharma. Following IPC sections have been put, 498A, 504, and 406. Nisha's brother has been arrested by Police on 8th January. Nisha Sharma is absconding. Those who know her whereabouts please inform police.

As is the usual in India, Nisha Sharma and her brother would cry foul, and claim that the case against them is false, but their own allegations were genuine. Only when it happens to them, people start shouting, that law is being misused. Else these hypocrites are the ones who keep on shouting for womens empowerment. The media is also not reporting this news.

What goes around, comes around.


  1. First incidence was totally false by nisha, when she misused the law.
    Second incidence, truth will come out.

    But, this is reality.

    If you dig a well for others, you are going to fall it in one day.

    This is for all feminists and their supporters

  2. this is absolutely true....I have been harassed by my out-laws for almost 10 years and then lo behold their bahu also filed a case against them...tit for tat is the rule of life..still they dont seem to understand and are hell bent on extorting money...ultimately they wd need to bear the brunt..they wd get a kick

  3. Rightly said Jitin. There are more such instances. Law of karma, follows them :-)

  4. well written , you sow as you reap.

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  6. Life always comes full circle and may the family that was falsely accused find peace again, as hard as it may be. Justice delayed is justice denied. Can the Govt. of India, the NCW and the Media undo the pain, trauma, & harassment the groom's family went through all these 9 years? Can they undo the hell this family lived through each hour of each day for the 9 years? They were called demons, greedy, criminals, abusers and little kids grew up reading about them in school, with hatred in their hearts. Their fault - trying to find a bride for their son. Is that a crime? If this is feminism, then I want no part of it…...

    While there are genuinely suffering women who need help, and I pray they get it, there is also a significantly abundant section of girls and their greedy families who have full State, Judiciary, Police and Media support and sympathy in going about filing false cases under acts meant to assist the genuinely suffering. Records have proven that >98% of all 498a, DV and other related dowry cases filed are false. If this is feminism, then we men want no part of it. Are the aged mother and sisters of the groom also not women, do the NCW and other such feminist Orgs come to their help? If this is feminism, then I want no part of it…...

    To those of us who think we are safe, we wouldn't be further from the truth. We all think it can't happen to us, guess what it can just as easily happen to anyone of us. Only then would we know the pain. Hundreds of thousands other such Men and their families live in fear, have been assumed guilty until proven innocent in their own free and democratic Country because of such gender biased laws and no checks in place to prevent misuse. Even after being proven that the complaint was false, the girl who made the accusations just simply walks away scot free as if nothing ever happened. If this is feminism, then I want no part of it…...

    1. Many of us, and rightly so, take to the streets in protest against atrocities against an innocent, yet has anyone ever come out in support of the men who undergo this hell other than themselves? Why is such hell let loose on the Man just basis a complaint and without any opportunity given to him and his family to prove their innocence. Is it a crime to be born a man in India trying to lead a normal middle class, educated, law-abiding, tax paying life and showing utmost love and respect for all? Many of these men are well educated urban professionals working for the future of India, yet dying a death of their own every single day. Is it fair to demonize and punish all men for the crimes committed by a few? If this is feminism, then I want no part of it…...

      Not only this, further thousands of little kids are growing up without ever knowing their fathers, who have endless love for their child, and would willingly give their life for them. Do the feminists have a right to rob little children the love and affection of their father? Yet the kids are so brain washed that they only know the emotion of hate for someone for whom the child is the center of the universe. If this is feminism, then I want no part of it…...

      If this is feminism, then I want no part of it. If this is modern India, then I want no part of it. If this is education and growth, then I want no part of it. The day is not far where parents would kill their male child on birth for fear of being put through such harassment in their old age. It's better to die single, than to marry in this day and age. God help the country and the men lined up for this hell............pain and suffering is all we have in store and monsters is what we all are in the eyes of the powers that be. If this is feminism, then I want no part of it…...

      Honorable Mr. President & Mr. Prime Minister, and others who control the nation - can you do anything to undo the pain, the fear, and the gross human rights violations which millions of innocent Indian men are going through. This is pure "Legal Terrorism" and "Legal Extortion". Is it wrong to stand for the truth, is it wrong to believe in gender equality, is it wrong believe in the Democratic way and equal rights for all vision our forefathers had for the country? If this is feminism, then I want no part of it....

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  8. Isn't law supposed to be equal for everyone? Most of this divorce cases are filed in urban india and as quoted by SC 98% of the cases filed are false, rural india which may acutally need these laws and the assistance of woman rights activists is deprived of them even today. Our system do not care about implementing these laws strictly where it may actually find a value.

    I am not advocating to abolish these laws or not to help woman in need just because they dwells in cities. All I request is to ensure that the guilty is punished, regardless of their gender.

    The punishment of false allegations in court for matrimonial disputes and 498A and DV should be made so severe; that before making false accusations, one feels the need to think twice about the consequences; in case they are not able to prove it. I don't see a reason why this can't be ammended in our law and enforced. Am I overdemanding or unjust?

  9. Is maharani "nisha sharma" ka ab kya haal hai